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How It Works


HighRAD products are design around its novel Region Of Difference   (ROD    ) technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning approaches. The ROD technology has been incorporated in the company products, which provides a computer-based quantitative lesion changes analysis for various organs/pathologies and modalities.

HighRAD products produce quantitative measures of the key parameters for the conditions/pathologies of interest.


Such quantitative personalized evaluations allow physicians to customize and optimize treatments, i.e., personalized radiological follow-up. The ultimate beneficiary will be the patient who stands to receive personalized treatment.

Radiological follow-up is the interpretation of radiological images to evaluate disease progression and to determine treatment efficacy in support of clinical decision-making.


It aims to find and quantify the differences between the prior and the follow-up image, rather than finding abnormalities in a standalone image (diagnosis reading). Finding differences between lesions in prior and follow-up is, in most cases, more accurate and specific than finding abnormalities in the standalone image.

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