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Clinical Workflow


Cloud-based configuration

HighRAD products can be deployed as a cloud-based solution

HighRAD products are fully transparent to the Radiology department workflow. The two typical connectivity configuration schemes are Standalone or Cloud-based.

Standalone Configuration

The iCAS interfaces with modalities (CT/MRI) and PACS via the clinic's Local Area Network (LAN) using DICOM protocol. The product is capable of receiving and storing CT/MRI DICOM input data from one or more PACS devices, including from the CT/MRI host console. With the iCAS GUI, the radiologist selects the patient from the patient list from the RIS system. After the selection of the patient, the system automatically retrieves all corresponding scans from PACS. The radiology evaluates the patient prior and follow-up scan using the display visualization tools supported by iCAS quantitative measurements. At the end of the evaluation, the study output is transferred over the network to the PACS in DICOM format.

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