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Welcome to HighRAD Revolutionizing Oncology Care

Revolutionize oncology care by advancing the understanding of disease progression through longitudinal, multi-organ analysis, ultimately leading to improved treatment outcomes.

HighRAD's Oncology AI imaging platform

designed to track the entire patient journey, offering profound insights into disease progression through advanced quantitative, multi-organ analysis.

Multi organ analysis

Our cutting-edge technology

enhances disease understanding and significantly improves treatment outcomes, boosting radiologist productivity, and by so enabling quicker, more confident diagnosis.


Faster assessment of oncology patient follow ups 


Speed up measurements’ time of the findings  


Reduction in diagnostic reporting time 


Increase in reimbursement by additional $15K / week 

Why HighRAD?

Seamless Connectivity

Streamlining imaging workflow processes within healthcare facilities for higher productivity and patient throughput.

Accurate Volumetric Measurements

Providing AI assistance for quantitative comparative measurement of all lesions and classifying them by type and size.

Personalized Treatment Planning Support

Leveraging comprehensive and quantitative data analysis to track disease progression and understand to optimize treatment plans.

Improved Clinical Outcomes

Enhancing disease progression understanding through longitudinal, multiorgan quantitative analysis, leading to improved treatment outcomes and patient care.

Data Processing and Integration

Allowing for effective communication between various disciplines using coherent reporting compliant with RECIST 1.1 guidelines.

Pharmaceutical Tool

Offering AI assistance for quantitative comparative measurement to evaluate treatment or drug responses and track clinical studies.

Empower Growth

At HighRAD, we firmly believe that our innovative approach has the power to revolutionize oncology care.

AI technology advancing oncology care
Radiologist near a screen with brain imaging scans

Collaborate with Us

We are committed to exploring collaborative opportunities that allow us to make a meaningful impact in the oncology market.

Contact Us

Schedule a demo with one of our product consultants to see the benefits of HighRAD firsthand.

Thank You for Your Interest in HighRAD

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