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iCAS-LG™ Technology
AI powered quantitative volumetric changes analysis of lungs lesions


iCAS-LG™ is designed around its novel Region of Difference™ (ROD™) generic platform and methodology for automatic Quantitative Volumetric Changes Analysis of Pulmonary metastases for radiological follow-up of longitudinal Lungs contrast-enhanced CT (ceCT) volumetric scans.

HighRAD's Oncology AI imaging platform
designed to track the entire patient journey, offering profound insights into disease progression through advanced quantitative, multi-organ analysis.

Empowering Oncology

AI-generated lesion detection for up to 3x faster oncology reporting
Automated report generation for streamlined RECIST 1.1 documentation
Accurate volumetric measurement of known and unknown lesions
Multi-organ view for complete standardized reporting 
Longitudinal comparison of findings (through all available studies)
An average lesion recall of 0.95±0.10, and segmentation (Dice) of 0.86±0.09

Innovative Solutions

HighRAD is the only comprehensive AI-System for comparative analysis, with automated detection, segmentation, and documentation capabilities to streamline data retrieval and analysis for faster reporting, with greater clinical depth. 
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